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Our crew of lighting designers work with the most basic design element to help set the mood of your given event- Light. Whether accentuating design features of the room with uplights, washing a stage or band in backlight, or using moving and intelligent light fixtures to create a visually stunning light show, we have solutions to awe your audience and direct attention where it's supposed to be.

Audio Systems 

Our team of audio techs are ready to fill your event with high quality sound reinforcement. With customizable packages, we will create an audio setup to meet the demands of your specific event- whether that is to be heard clearly at your corporate summit, or take your band and party to the next level. 

High-quality microphones guarantee clear, professional fidelity sound. Mixers from Behringer and Yamaha driving custom speaker systems ranging in size from 8"-12" with 18" subs will ensure you're heard clearly in any size room. Distributed audio solutions employed as needed. 


Video and Media Solutions

Whether on TV's on stands or various hanging projection surfaces, we help show everybody at your event the visuals you want them focused on. Large LED TV's show a crystal clear image, while rear-projection screens fill the eyes of every person in the reception or conference hall.


Pipe and Drape

Use Pipe and Drape to customize your event and create several areas within the bigger space. 

Custom Productions

We offer and encourage that your event order be custom made to best serve the experience you want your guests to have. 

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